Wholehearted Leadership™ Masterclass

Leadership is changing. Are you ready?


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Develop Your Leading Edge In Only Three Months!

Designed with today’s dynamic leader in mind, this Wholehearted Leadership™ Masterclass will help you make significant progress on your goals and get you un-stuck so you can leverage your strengths more effectively.

Ready Set GoHow many times have you caught yourself thinking or saying… “If only I could…”

Don’t let these limiting beliefs hold you back any longer.

It’s time to move from “could” to “done”!


This exclusive virtual learning environment will teach you core leadership skills within the structure and support of a Mastermind Community, while you individually benefit from Professional Leadership Coaching.

This three-month virtual course is held for 90 minutes each week and consists of three integrative components:

  1. Leadership Modules – six core trainings on cutting edge topics like Energy Management, Strengths Development, Cultivating Presence, and Leading Change,
  2. Mastermind Community – five Mastermind sessions where you deepen your commitment to personal action through shared accountability
  3. Professional Coaching – up to six one-on-one leadership coaching sessions with flexible scheduling throughout the program

This Masterclass is intentionally designed to help today’s dynamic leaders:

  • Develop cross-functional leadership skills toward personal mastery
  • Make sustainable change on a specific goal in only three months
  • Benefit from the collective expertise of the Mastermind Community
  • Receive individualized support and structured accountability through Professional Leadership Coaching

Investing In Personal Mastery

This three-month experience is valued at $7,000, but is offered to you for only $4,500!

At This Special Rate, You’ll Receive:

  • Nine hours of cutting-edge leadership training (value: $3,000)
  • Seven and a half hours of mastermind sessions (value: $2,500)
  • Six 45-minute professional coaching sessions (value: $1,500)
  • Access to free teleclasses on leadership topics and other discounts

Are you ready to uplevel your leadership?

New Masterclass Groups Launching Fall 2015!

Contact Leslie to learn more today!


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Leslie Bosserman, M.Ed., CPCC

Leadership Coach & Culture Consultant
Call: 310.409.9240

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