Launching Forward: Incubation + Intentional Action

Seasons Cycle 2In business (and life), we encounter certain seasons. Some are filled with momentous growth and others are marked by creative hibernation. And I’ve been doing a lot of both recently!

Over the last year as I was growing a tiny human and entering my season of new motherhood, I was also incubating so many ideas and possibilities for what Lead With Intention could become.

I began to slow down enough (again) to really listen to what my work needed from me now and who I felt called to serve.

I partnered with my own amazing coach + thought partner and gave my business the attention it deserved.

I reconnected with my core values and got re-energized by my natural strengths, as I teach so many clients to do.

I got super clear on what I loved about my work, what I could let go of, and what I desired to create moving forward.

And from this more grounded, focused place, something amazing happened.

I transformed.

Not overnight. Not even in a month. But over time, I transformed.

IMG_6300Once I gave myself permission to let go of the extra “stuff” that had been taking so much time and energy away from my more important calling, something shifted inside me. With a new vitality, I began to view my work as an invitation to design customized leadership solutions for my tribe to help support their continued influence and success.

Work didn’t feel like work. It felt more like receiving the perfect gift or having an engaging conversation with a good friend. This came from shifting what I was doing and how I was approaching my work.

Think of your work as a dear friend. How much time and intention would you give it then?
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A Fresh Look + Intentional Pause

IMG_6303Lead With Intention is undergoing a much-desired “web lift” (like a facelift for your website) with a fresh look, sharper focuses, and loads of new offerings launching in 2016! I’m excited to unveil all that has been brewing behind-the-scenes, but first, it’s time to take my own advice: I’ll be hitting “pause” on new blogs and newsletters for the immediate future so I can turn my energy and attention to this big transformation.

Sometimes we have to hit pause to create the space and energy to launch ahead!
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Over the next few weeks, I’ll share some “behind the scenes” glimpses about what’s next for Lead With Intention through our social media channels…so make sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for the latest updates!

My next update to you will look and feel different. So stay tuned and continue to do your amazing work in the world!

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