The Most Important Thing I’m Creating RIGHT NOW!

What symbolizes summer for you?


Longer days and more sunshine…

Eating crisp watermelon and fresh strawberries…

Hanging out at the pool or beach…

Drinking cold lemonade (or mojitos!)…

Taking family vacations…

…But MORE work?

Unlike the carefree summer days of our youth, most of us “real world” adults actually have even more work when summer rolls around because the kids are out of school and our regular workdays still keep going.

Being an entrepreneur who is involved in many projects, I too am juggling multiple roles and responsibilities this summer. From coaching clients locally and around the globe, to designing new workshop curriculum and running organizational leadership trainings, my weekly schedule gets pretty packed – not to mention all the administrative behind-the-scenes work it takes to run a business!

Over the past few months since we’ve been back from Jordan, I’ve been busy designing my latest Wholehearted Leadership™ Masterclass that will launch in a few short months.


And while I’m SO EXCITED for this next program, it’s not the most important thing I’m creating right now.

Very soon, I’m about to take on The World’s Toughest Job.

And while I’ll never quite be ready for it, I am excited! You see, for the last nine months as I’ve been designing leadership curriculum and getting really clear on what my clients need most, I’ve also been creating something EVEN BETTER…

Joel and Leslie Maternity-43

As I enter my 38th week of pregnancy with just a few shorts weeks (or days) to go, I’ve had to slow down and learn to appreciate all the changes that go along with THIS creation process on top of designing something new for my business.

Creating life through pregnancy and soon-to-be motherhood has been a new experience – but not a negative one in the least!

It’s the biggest thing I’ve EVER done (literally and figuratively), and also one of the most uncertain.

Over the next few months (and years), I will learn how to balance being a mom, wife, friend, and entrepreneur. I will continue growing, adapting, and changing based on the needs of my family and business. In this season of transition, I admire and appreciate other mom-preneurs who have shared their advice and wisdom, such as these 5 Essential Steps to Achieving Balance as a Mom Running a Business and 10 Tips for Balancing Work and Motherhood.

This summer season is all about personal leadership and self-care.

Joel and Leslie Maternity-34I’m excited to officially enter my self-created maternity leave at the end of this this month so I can focus more fully on being a new mom. While it doesn’t feel natural to STOP in the middle of creating so many new programs and working with a full client load, I often have to take my own advice and give myself Permission to Pause. It’s also a beautiful chance to embrace Receptive Leadership while I live out My Motherhood Intentions. Likewise, my husband, Joel, recently reminded me that we teach people what we most need to learn.

Now it’s my turn to be the student.

I look forward to sending you announcements as we welcome our new baby into the world and share program updates on the new focus for my business as it continues to develop in the coming year. Until then, enjoy your summer, make time to pause, and have some awesome adventures with those that you love!

Create a great day,

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THIS Changes Everything

Have you ever had something happen to you that changed EVERYTHING in your life?

I mean something BIG that left you in shock and awe, caused you to drop your jaw or go speechless, and hopefully changed your life for the better.

These moments are your opportunities.

When we experience these dramatic articulation points and paradigm shifts, they serve as invitations to help us develop our leadership and refine our character. Click to Tweet This


This year’s TEDxSacramento theme “This Changes Everything” captures the very essence of this type of transformation. I’ve been serving as the Event Coordinator for this dynamo volunteer-based team since I moved to Sacramento, and am super jazzed to welcome some world-class speakers from diverse industries and fields as well as talented local performers to our stage this Friday for our main event – and the biggest one we’ve EVER held in our Capitol City!

If you’re local, I hope you can come join us (tickets are still for sale here) and if you’re not, check out some of our previous speakers on our TEDxSacramento YouTube Channel.

I’d love to know what changed EVERYTHING for you.

And I have a feeling that my moment is still to come…maybe in just a few short weeks!

Create a great day,

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Leslie Bosserman, M.Ed., CPCC

Leadership Coach & Culture Consultant
Call: 310.409.9240

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