My Motherhood Intentions

Dear Moms…


As I prepare to join your noble ranks in just a few short weeks as a new mom, I’ve been reflecting a lot on what it means to become a mother – to fully care for and love another person that you had the ability to create and birth. I am often overwhelmed by so many thoughts and emotions as I try to grasp the deep and awesome capacity I have to love someone who I haven’t even met yet.

While I know motherhood is far more complex than I can ever imagine, I wanted to share some of my best intentions for the mom I want to be.  I’ve largely learned these principles from the example the courageous women who I’ve been blessed to know and what they have so graciously modeled for me.

My Motherhood Intentions


Be Available. The best moms – and people – are the ones you can connect with and who make time for you. Even when life feels “too busy,” be available for your children and husband. Remember, relationships are more important than tasks.

url-1Teach Honesty. Children learn through observation, so model honesty in your speech, emotions, actions, and interactions. They are absorbing more than you know!

MW-BQ655_bubble_ME_20131210095914Play Often. Allow raising children to let you connect with how to play and be silly. There is a time to be serious, too, but don’t forget to play!

Release Expectations. Realize that motherhood is new terrain and that you are always learning. Don’t judge yourself or compare yourself to others who may seem to “have it all together.” Be real and let that be enough.

2594328877_46abbb6485_zChoose Positively. When life is hard and things seem to be stuck or just plain frustrating, find the silver lining and focus on the hope, love, and purpose behind it all. You can always choose your perspective, so choose positively.

While these are just five simple intentions, I wanted to share these as we approach Mother’s Day this weekend and let you know how humbled and excited I am to be at this stage of my life!

I also would love to know your most important intention, reminder, or piece of advice as a mom if you’d like to share or comment below.


Thank you for being perfectly (and imperfectly) YOU, and enjoy a very special Mother’s Day this Sunday!

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4 thoughts on “My Motherhood Intentions

  1. I did not go big into toys especially ones that did things. I preferred things that encouraged creativity, imagination and personal interests. If I bought say a toy, I would just randomly take her to pick out say a Barbie doll. I wouldn’t tell her where we were going, just show up in the aisle and say pick one. She would ask why and I said JUST BECAUSE! She would light up and take forever picking just the right one. Other times, like at the DR office they had to draw blood. I would ask the nurse to show her what they did with it. (She loves science) It doesn’t have to cost much or cost nothing to delight or expand their learning. It is the small moments. In the winter back east, I would have her put on her bathing suit. We would empty the fridge. I gave her a big soapy sponge and she would clean the fridge. Then I gave her two dish towels to ice skate over the soap suds on the floor. She had a blast at least for an hour. So think outside the box!
    After having four girls herself, she is now studying to get into nursing.

    • These are great, creative ideas, Robin, and thanks so much for sharing! I’m really looking forward to Baby Caleb growing up and experiencing so many things with him as we learn together!

  2. Leslie you shared lovely and inspirational thoughts for all of us. When I was starting a family someone told me the best gift you can give your children is to love their father. Corollary was to make time for the two of you away from the children – once a week for an hour, once a month for an overnight, once a year for a week’s vacation. This can be very hard to do, but worth the reward, especially when they’re young. It’s also a great gift to a grandparent or other close family member or friend to allow them some one on one time with your child. My kids just left after a week’s visit, and there’s nothing I cherish more than those hours alone with my grandchildren while the parents had a nice evening out together. Best wishes for an easy birth.
    Pam Richards

    • Thanks for sharing this, Pam, and we are looking forward to having our extended family very involved with Baby Caleb (and our future kids). And let us know if you ever want to come out to California to visit…and babysit 🙂

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