My Word of the Year

You’re halfway through January 2015.

How are you doing?

a9c2558aaf117ecd02caa23f1fe99353Maybe you’re on track with any personal goals or New Year’s resolutions you set. Or maybe you’re already feeling like you’re falling behind. Instead of beating yourself up or taking on an enormous new task, I want to offer you something more powerful and lasting.

I recently shared why setting intentions is more powerful than making resolutions, and today, I’m going to take it to the next level so you can get really grounded in what 2015 has to offer!

If you haven’t already set an intention for how you want to live out the next 50 weeks of your life, here’s a simple exercise that will help get your creative juices flowing.

What you’ll need:

  • One blank piece of paper
  • Timer (watch or cell phone)
  • Pen
  • Clean jar
  • Small stack of post-it notes
  • Your choice or art supplies (markers, paint, etc)
  • Lots of creativity

Let’s Begin:

Fold your piece of paper in half

Set a timer for 90 seconds and START

On the left side of the paper, write down everything you’re letting go of or releasing. Think of the STUFF you’ve had enough of or don’t want in your life anymore (things like comparing myself to others, road rage, or emotional eating)

Once your 90 seconds are up, take a moment to read over this list and really take stock in what you’re choosing to NOT DO and then make a personal commitment to really STOP doing them.

Now reset the timer for another 90 seconds and START again, this time focusing on the positives.

2d5917ecfc021c77427e81acd2060edfOn the right side of your page, capture what you want to fully embrace this year. These are all the good things that make your life richer and more meaningful (time with close friends and family, nutritious food, bubble baths, lunchtime walks, weekend getaways, etc.)

This list should point toward a very powerful intention or theme for your year ahead. I like to call this my Word of the Year. Write down any words or short phrases that really embody the list you just made. Some of my favorites are create, discover, wellness, and passion.

Once you have chosen your Word of the Year, the fun really begins! Take the clean jar and label it with your word using any art supplies you like. Just like jars are typically filled with something really delicious, this is your time to make your personal “ingredients list” for what values, strengths, characteristics, and qualities will help you fully live out your Word of the Year.

10923756_10104046147015766_3104036175885306134_nFor example, my 2015 Word of the Year is GROW since I want to both stretch my personal limits, but more profoundly because we’re expecting our first baby in July. So some of my “growth ingredients” include pregnancy, play, learning, rest, and getting uncomfortable, among others.

Once you have created your ingredients list, it’s time to prioritize it and put it on your jar. Here’s what mine looks like:


Whaaaaaalaaaaaaaaa! You now have a beautiful jar that’s ready to capture everything that your year holds for you! Your job now is to FILL IT UP with experiences, interactions, and lessons learned that support your Word of the Year. Every time you do, think, say, or create something that supports your 2015 intention, capture it and put it in your jar (this is where those post it notes or small strips of paper come in handy).

Throughout your year, your jar will fill up and serve as a great reinforcing agent for intentional living. A sweet New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day ritual is to take some time to reflect on each thing you placed into your jar and really take stock of how the previous year helped you meet your intention. Then, you can set a new intention for the year ahead and start over!

77f56e0139126de1dd9f004c9741668aWhat’s your 2015 Word of the Year? Please share it with me along with photos of your Intention Jars. I wish you a beautiful year ahead of intentional living!

Create a great day,

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