Rule Three: Get Uncomfortable Often

Recently, I’ve advocated for the necessity of a changing notion of global leadership, calling for a Wholehearted Leadership Revolution! In my latest posts, I’ve shared my Six Rules for Leading With Intention, including more on Rule One: Live With Integrity and Rule Two: Make Intentional ChoicesNow, it’s time to grow beyond your comfort zone as you learn how to take bold action as a leader with Rule Three!

Get Uncomfortable Often!

e3d1105821f616abd5c8616788ba3827If you never stretch your limits, you’ll never reset your limits! Creating the cutting edge requires innovative action and leadership that isn’t afraid of getting messy and uncomfortable. Discomfort is a crucial ingredient in developing your leadership capacity and ultimately makes you stronger and more resilient.

718a085a22311da322bbe3dbfdcf970fConsider how your life would change if you were willing to put yourself out there more and simply try something new without any attachment to the outcome. In fact, some of the most famous geniuses and savants throughout history only made their discoveries because they were willing to face failure, persevere, and continue experimenting.

So go ahead and get uncomfortable! Be BOLD. Take RISKS. Create CHANGE. Experience FAILURE. And through it all, you will conquer the chaos that creates clarity and change in your life!


  • What were you doing a year ago today? Now consider how you have grown and transformed since then. What did it take? What were you willing to risk?
  • Think back to a time that you took a chance on something or someone and it paid off!  Describe the circumstance here and share what you learned.
  • Make a list of at least five things you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t yet. These are your Daring Dreams. They might be anything from learning how to master a certain recipe to skydiving in the rainforest! Record them now.


Choose one of your Daring Dreams that you’re willing to get uncomfortable to accomplish. First, become really clear on exactly what defines this Daring Dream for you. What do you want the end result look and feel like if you go for it and succeed? Now, identify any sabotaging thoughts, beliefs, and actions that have held you back or made you play small in the past. Take a moment to recognize the lies that you’ve been accepting, then forgive yourself, and let these lies go.

It’s now time to choose to embrace the truth that this Daring Dream is indeed possible and you are ready for it! Consider all of the motivating resources you already have at your disposal. Which friends and family members would love to see you accomplish this? What physical resources do you already have or can easily acquire to make this happen? Acknowledge your immense wealth of knowledge, experience, and inner resources that will carry you forward and begin where you are right now. When you’re willing to brave discomfort, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

Get Inspired!

jpeg-1For more graphic inspiration, check out my Six Rules for Leading With Intention Pinterest Board and help spread the word to start this wholehearted leadership revolution!#SixWordsLWI 

Create a great day,

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Rule Two: Make Intentional Choices

To inspire a new kind of wholehearted leadership, I recently created Six Rules for Leading With Intention. Last week, I shared all about Rule One: Live With Integrity and now we’re diving deeper to explore the power behind our choices and how to choose intentionally, rather than reactively.

Make Intentional Choices

imagesNo matter who you are, where you were born, what happened yesterday, or what will even happen ten minutes from now, there is one essential quality we all share: The playing field is completely level when it comes to choosing how we act and react.

I invite you to consider this: How would your life be different if the choices you made were more intentional? Imagine if you only chose to do things once you took time to consider your desired result and the potential consequences of your actions or inactions.

EmilyLey_Intention-03-650x555Instead of living reactively, begin by making mindful decisions in how you act, speak, listen, and wait. When your choices are driven by your core values, the array of potential options narrows to those that are in line with who you want to be in this world that then influences what you do as a result.

Wholehearted leadership requires intentional choice.


  • Are you living more proactively or reactively? Consider what is driving your choices: External circumstances or internal intentions?
  • What is standing in your way from being fully present as you lead? Write down any distractions, demands, or obligations that regularly steal your focus away.
  • As you commit to making more intentional choices, what needs to shift or change? Consider the sabotaging items you listed above and make a commitment to reducing or eliminating at least one of them in the next 24 hours.


If you woke up tomorrow and were to live a fully intentional day, what would it look and feel like? Most likely, it would be very different from your average workday that is spent responding to everything from urgent emails to workplace crises. Instead, imagine what would happen if you were fully present in every meeting. How would you show up differently as a leader? What impact would this have on those around you? On your self-perception and confidence?

Remember that you choose how you show up in each moment, and can choose intentionally. Before your next appointment, conversation, or interaction, consider what end result you’re aiming for and let this purpose guide your attitude and actions. Is there something you need to let go of before you can fully engage and focus on what’s next? Take five seconds to empty your mind and get really clear on this intention. Now go out and live more intentionally!

Get Inspired! jpeg-2For more graphic inspiration, check out my Six Rules for Leading With Intention Pinterest Board and help spread the word to start this leadership revolution!#SixWordsLWI 

Create a great day,

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Rule One: Live With Integrity

Last Friday, I shared my Six Rules for Leading With Intention as a new perspective on leading from the inside-out! And for the next six weeks, I’ll be introducing you to a new rule each week so you can fully embrace this Wholehearted Leadership Revolution and amplify your impact!

Live With Integrity

9c11067bc59593a01be4f8583c37df14Imagine putting on your coziest slippers or your favorite pair of worn-in blue jeans. Ahhhhhhh yes, this is what practicing values-driven leadership should feel like – it fits you just right and leaves you feeling satisfied!

Our world needs you to show up more authentically. It’s time to retire superficial practices that cause you to hijack your personal standards and sell out in service of pleasing others or accomplishing tasks.

Embrace integrity instead! Begin by grounding yourself in your core values and then align your attitudes and actions accordingly. When you are self-aware of what matters most to you and are deeply rooted in these principles, making congruent choices to live with integrity will define your leadership.


  • What core values characterize your leadership? Write down your top five values here and define them in your own words.
  • Where have you been compromising your integrity by selling out? Consider who or what is putting pressure on you and choose to release the hold it has on your decisions.
  • Define what truly authentic leadership looks like for you. What small to radical changes do you need to make in the next…day…week…month…year…to live with more integrity?


Using your top five core values you’ve identified, choose one value for each day of the week to set as a guidepost for your actions. To fully integrate these values into your leadership practice, consider what images, songs, or quotes will bring each value to life. For example, if Monday’s focus is on “perseverance,” you might change your computer desktop photo to a runner crossing the finish line or post Thomas Edison’s famous quote “Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration” on your bathroom mirror. Have fun with this and make it your own!

At the beginning of each day, take a moment to reflect on why you chose this value and what it means to you, then set an intention for how you’d like to practice it throughout your day. Check in with yourself at lunch and see what experiences have allowed you to exercise this value and others that might have limited or silenced it. At the end of the day, take a moment to reflect on how you were able to live with more integrity as well as what challenged or stretched you. Write this down and honor it.

jpegGet Inspired!

For more graphic inspiration, check out my Six Rules for Leading With Intention Pinterest Board and help spread the word to start this wholehearted leadership revolution!#SixWordsLWI 

Create a great day,

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The Wholehearted Leadership Revolution

It’s almost the end of the week…

How are you feeling?




…or completely drained?


Now consider how you normally end your workweek.

How would you like to feel instead?

When was the last time you felt inspired at work?

Do you just “get through” each day, only to start again the next morning?

Are the demands of your workday taking all your time, energy, and focus away from your true passions and priorities?

Sound familiar?

As I coach clients and train teams around the world, I’ve witnessed a significant change in how we’re living and leading. Too many leaders and their teams are frustrated rather than motivated; they’re exhausted rather than energized; and they feel apathetic rather than inspired. Something has to change.

We’re at a crucial time in history where leadership is being redefined.

imagesFor today’s global leaders, it’s no longer enough to simply have outstanding performance, larger paychecks, and the corner office. These cutting-edge individuals are looking to connect a deeper sense of purpose to their work and feel more energized throughout their day.

It’s time to embrace this wholehearted leadership revolution where success is based on fulfillment, not retirement. Instead of striving to achieve better results and gain more recognition, this new leadership paradigm focuses on living and leading with greater purpose by developing character based on your core values.They are hungry for a new kind of leadership that fits their lifestyle and allows them to integrate their most important priorities with their work, instead of around it.  They crave a life that is driven by their values, rather than the bottom line.

Forget top-down hierarchy.

It’s time to experience leading from the inside out!


To join this leadership revolution, here are Six Rules for Leading With Intention I created to help you practice this kind of intentional, inside-out leadership.

jpeg-3 copy

1. Live With Integrity

2. Make Intentional Choices

3. Get Uncomfortable Often

4. Detach From Outcomes ­­

5. Stand In Your Power

6. Create a Daily Legacy

Over the next six weeks, I’m going to share more about each of these rules and give you a related challenge to apply to your life.  Think of this as a jump-start on some “spring cleaning” for your leadership development! And as you dive deeper into practicing wholehearted leadership, I’d love to hear about your experiences and success stories!

For more graphic inspiration, check out my Six Rules for Leading With Intention Pinterest Board and help spread the word to start this leadership revolution! #SixRulesLWI 

Create a great day,

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