Life is a Celebration

e699e3380cb4737dcdec724559bdc4ecThis Sunday is a milestone birthday for me…and I’m EXCITED!

Instead of dreading turning a year older and entering a new decade, I’m celebrating it!

While I’ve always been someone who doesn’t need an excuse to have a good time, I realize that celebration is largely lacking in our everyday lives. Even some special events like birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations, getting together has often become obligatory rather than celebratory.

c42466393be373f0628ff4e2319379b0I believe that there are special moments in life that are meant to be honored and celebrated – from eventful milestones like the birth of a new child or a promotion at work to everyday wins like making all the green lights when you’re running late or scoring a major sale at your favorite store!

Yet, we often feel like we need to accomplish something BIG to be worthy of acknowledgment. And the saddest part is that once we finally achieve these giant goals, rather than making time to celebrate our wins, we tend to make excuses like…

“Oh, it’s not a big deal…anyone could have done that!” (Diminishing)

“I’m too busy to stop and celebrate now. There’s always something else to do!” (Avoiding)

“Won’t others think I’m selfish if I brag about what I’ve done?” (Fearing)

And the excuses drone on…

Instead of living by these sabotaging messages, it’s time to


STOP diminishing who you are and what you do

NOTICE your positive contributions and everyday wins, and

CELEBRATE what’s amazing and even ordinary about your life!

My birthday gift to YOU is the full permission to celebrate as you choose!


How Do You Celebrate?

e3b0f4e2e233ef043305fee4e4ced9c6What special traditions have you created to honor significant moments? Maybe you always order red velvet cake on your birthday or sing the Star Spangled Banner out loud as a family before the Super Bowl. Whatever makes these moments special, cherish and appreciate them!

If you want to create some celebratory customs of your own, take a moment and consider the following:

  • What special events are important in your life? Which ones are you already celebrating? Are there any that need more attention?
  • How do you like to be acknowledged? What makes you feel appreciated? (e.g. verbal praise, personal gifts, planned surprises, private dinner, etc.)
  • If you could spend the day doing anything your heart desired, what would you do?

cb35b45503b655e778987ebfa8dac404Based on these responses, take the time to dream up a new way to celebrate and consider who’s support you may need to enlist. I’d love to hear what you create!

And if you need a little celebration motivation, just click here and sing along with Kool & The Gang sang as we Celebrate Good Times…Come On!

Create a great day…and CELEBRATE it!

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Leslie Bosserman, M.Ed., CPCC

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When Ignorance Pays Off

ignorance3We’ve all heard the age-old axiom “ignorance is bliss.”

Yet it seems ironic when we consider the ever-connected, information-saturated society we live in where you can know or learn anything by simply asking Siri or querying Google.

But are there times when it’s better to not know and remain ignorant?

My husband, Joel, recently had an experience with an ancient coin that made me question my relentless need-to-know and changed my perspective in an amazing way!

It was the last day in 2013 and we had spent the week touring Turkey for our first anniversary. Joel and I had started off the day exploring the ancient city of Ephesus and then visited the nearby village of Şirince that is famous for their local fruit wines.  As we returned to our hotel, we made plans to head down the western coast to find a nice restaurant on the harbor for a special New Year’s Eve meal. The perfect end to an amazing year!


As an avid runner, Joel took off for his evening run before dinner. Since he’s normally gone for 45 minutes or more, I was surprised when he burst into our hotel room only ten minutes later with an excited look in his eyes.

“You’ll never believe what just happened!” Joel exclaimed, almost out of breath. “As I was running by the castle ruins, I came across some locals who dig for treasures around the ancient sites, and look what they found!”

photoJoel proudly held out a large, metal coin that looked hundreds of years old. Now this special find has some important context. Ever since we met, Joel has wanted to own an ancient coin. While we’ve been living abroad in the Middle East, he’ll often stop at local markets and souks to see what the merchants have for sale. So this was an extraordinary and much-anticipated moment!

Joel went on to explain that the man who found it had given it to him to bring back to show me so we could determine what we thought it was worth. Shocked at the level of trust this stranger displayed, we settled on a reasonable price, and Joel left eagerly to pay the man and soon returned with his new treasure.

images-1Over dinner later that night, Joel took out the coin to inspect it more closely. Still curious about it’s origin and value, I inquired “How much do you think something like this is worth?”

Joel paused, looked up, and then said something that forever changed my perspective.

“I’m not sure,” he started. “But I’ve decided I don’t ever want to know.”

While his words surprised me, he continued, “If we research it and find out it’s worth much more than we paid for it, we may be tempted to sell it and then our treasure is gone. And if we discover it’s worthless or a fake, we’ll be disappointed. I’d rather not know and keep the mystery alive.”

What Joel held was no longer simply any old coin. With this conversation, the coin transformed into a symbol of hope and possibility. You see, you don’t always need to know the value of something to understand it’s true worth.

Sometimes it’s better to be ignorant and keep hope alive.

The lesson of this coin is far bigger than any price we could have paid for it because it shows us that there are times in life that having less information is more powerful than knowing it all.


How do you keep hope alive?


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Leslie Bosserman, M.Ed., CPCC

Fulfillment Specialist & Leadership Coach
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Enhancing Emotional Endurance

Do you ever feel like life keeps speeding up and you’re just trying to hold it all together without spinning out of control?


In the last two weeks, I’ve been in three countries (Jordan, Israel, and America) and traveled to three different states (and experienced many more states of mind!). Needless to say, it’s taken a lot of energy to stay present, organized, and healthy!

Through all the travel and transition, there’s one trick that’s helped my stay more focused and grounded. And it’s one of the same methods the Seahawks used to win the Superbowl!

What Makes a Champion?

Instead of focusing solely on exercising my physical endurance to keep going, I intentionally shifted my attention toward enhancing my emotional endurance to stay motivated and mentally strong. That’s what makes a true champion!

Through my work as a Professional Leadership and Lifestyle Coach, I’ve realized that the concept of emotional endurance hasn’t gotten a lot of airtime. We’ll proactively invest in improving our physical lifestyle to increase strength and health, yet we only tend to notice that we are emotionally depleted once we feel too drained to do anything about it.

While this is a sad reality, it’s also one that is easily fixable with a little intention and action. It starts with a deeper understanding of what emotional endurance is and how we can realign our lives so we feel renewed, rather than drained.


Emotional Endurance Includes:

  • Feeling a sense of control and optimism
  • Having a high threshold to handle change and the unknown
  • Demonstrating personal resolve and resiliency in the face of setbacks
  • Managing your energy effectively so you don’t burn out or feel overloaded

Recently, I presented this concept to a diverse team of leading designers at Nike’s World Headquarters. These talented designers are some of the most driven, creative minds in the industry. And, as a result, they also tend to have a much higher burnout rate. During the training, we explored workable strategies for increasing their threshold by making stress work for them and managing their margin.

Since you couldn’t be there to join us in Portland, here’s a short recipe for enhancing your emotional endurance so you can benefit, too:

photo 1Ingredients

  • One blank sheet of paper
  • Small notecard
  • Favorite writing instrument
  • Timing device (clock, watch, smart phone)
  • Piece of dark chocolate or favorite snack


Fold your paper into thirds and label each section as shown in the image below for POWER, LOAD, and MARGIN.

photo 3


  • Set a timer for 90 seconds. Under POWER, write down everything that currently energizes you, including specific skills you are proud of, personal strengths, and other areas of social and emotional support you have in your life.
  • Reset your timer for 90 seconds and, under the LOAD category, write down everything that is stressing you out or weighing on your heart and mind. These might be problems, obligations, work stressors, commitments, expectations, debt, deadlines, and interpersonal conflicts. Make sure to stop when it buzzes!
  • Take a moment to look at the two lists and consider what is leftover when you subtract the items in the LOAD section from the resources in your POWER section. What energy, focus, time, and capacity you have left for yourself and others? Author and Medical Doctor Richard Swenson calls this space your MARGIN.

images-1 3Now, reflect on the following questions:

  • How large is your MARGN currently and how satisfied with this are you?
  • What areas of your POWER can you strengthen and use more often?
  • How can you reduce or eliminate some of the items you listed under your LOAD to help increase your MARGIN?


  • Pause. Breathe. Reset. And eat your piece of chocolate!
  • As you’re enjoying this sweet treat, make an intentional, actionable commitment to increase your margin so you have more capacity to be with whatever life gives you – the stresses and the blessings! Maybe your commitment is going on a walk during your lunch hour three times a week, sleeping in on Sundays, or saying “no” more often to things you really don’t care to do.
  • Whatever your margin-creating commitment is, write it down on the small notecard and put it somewhere you will see everyday. Remind yourself to create and honor your margin.

Learning how to increase your margin is only one approach to enhancing emotional endurance. I’ll be sharing related skills and strategies as a key feature of my Uplevel Your Leadership™ Masterclass that’s launching later this year! Learn more about this new offering and be the first to know when enrollment opens by joining the no-obligation early notification list.

Create a great day,

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Leslie Bosserman, M.Ed., CPCC

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